Questions About Finances

How are NCEM workers funded?

Each NCEM worker – whether a field missionary, camp worker, office staff, or executive – must trust God to provide for their needs. NCEM is a “faith mission”. It is not structurally funded by a denomination, church conference, or any other organization.

Workers are individually responsible for developing a team of financial supporters for their area of ministry; usually including interested individuals and churches.

How much financial support is needed?

Paid missionaries are employees of NCEM.

Donations toward an individual ministry fund cover general administration, ministry expenses, and salary.

An administration fee is allocated by NCEM from individual ministry funds, as a contribution to the general fund. As of 2020 the fee is 7% of donations received (so 93% of IMF donations are available to the missionary).

Ministry expenses may be incurred by missionaries, on behalf of NCEM. Expenses such as travel, literature and media materials, and hospitality, may be reimbursed from the individual ministry fund.

 Salary is paid to missionaries. The salary amount varies, depending on the funds available in the individual ministry fund, after the administration fee and ministry expenses are covered. Salaries are subject to withholding taxes for: Canada Pension, Employment Insurance, and Income Tax.

Is there a maximum salary level allowed?

NCEM sets maximum salary levels considering cost of living, and the diverse situations in which workers serve.

If the funds available for salary are greater than the maximum salary level, the difference remains in the individual ministry fund for consideration the next month. (At 2023, maximum full-time monthly salaries are: $4,800 for single workers, and $6,890 for married couples.)

If donations are too low, how are needs met?

Initially, a missionary should have developed a satisfactory support team before their placement in a ministry role.

If donations drop thereafter, missionaries:

  • should inform their support team so they may pray over the situation and consider their support level.
  • may need to invest time to build a larger support team.
  • (NCEM does not make up the difference from general funds. There is not a ‘pooled’ salary fund to draw from.)
Can I send money directly to a missionary?

Yes. Individuals may give cash gifts to other individuals in Canada without either of them incurring tax liability.

  •  Gifts should be sent directly to individuals; not NCEM.
  •  Such gifts are not tax-deductible by the giver.

But … if you want to give money to help a missionary with their missionary work, and you want to receive a charitable tax receipt … then payment should be payable to NCEM and sent to NCEM. NCEM can process the donation properly with all applicable tax rules considered.

When do missionary workers receive salaries?

At the end of each month. Donations received by NCEM, designated to an individual ministry fund are accumulated and distributed at the end of each month. Missionaries receive a statement, including the list of names and addresses of donors in the month.

Are contributions to NCEM tax deductible?

Yes. Payment should be sent directly to NCEM for receipting. You choose whether to have your charitable tax receipt issued following each donation or issued yearly for the total. There are several ways to donate (see Ways to Give).

How are NCEM's administrative costs covered?
  • Supporters may designate donations to the NCEM General Fund.
  • The administration fee (explained earlier) contributes to the General Fund.
  • Donations, not otherwise designated, go to this fund.
What assurances are there concerning NCEM’s use of funds?

NCEM is overseen by a multitude of witnesses:

  • MissioNexus member (a worldwide association of mission organizations).
  • Canadian Centre for Christian Charities – Member
  • Independent Chartered Accountant does yearly audits.
  • Annual financial statements are available online as filed with the CRA, and also are provided upon request.
Designated Giving Policy

Spending of funds is confined to NCEM Board/Officers approved programs and projects. Each contribution designated towards a Board/Officers approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or the Board/Officers have determined it cannot be completed, the remaining contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.