About Raising Support

One of the biggest questions facing a potential missionary often is, “How is it all going to work out financially?” We understand the concern — all of us in NCEM have been there!

Before we begin to explain some of NCEM’s financial policies, we need to say that living as a “faith” missionary is much more than just “money”! It’s about partnering with people who will become your encouragement and prayer support in your life and ministry.

We’ve also learned that God would not call us to this ministry without supplying our needs.

Here, briefly, are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding raising support.

How are NCEM workers funded?

Each NCEM worker — whether a field missionary, office worker, or director — must trust God to provide for his or her needs. NCEM is a “faith” mission. It is not structurally funded by a denomination, church conference, or any other organization. Workers are individually responsible for developing a team of financial supporters. These teams usually consist of a combination of interested individuals and churches.

How much support does an NCEM missionary need?

Our workers serve in diverse situations, some in communities where the cost of living and/or travel is comparatively expensive. With approval of Mission administration, each missionary establishes a budget amount based on his/her ministry circumstances to a maximum of $3,733 per month for single workers; $5,350 per month for married couples (figures current to 2014, for full-time workers).

Surplus in a worker’s salary (above the maximum monthly levels) remains to be paid out when incoming funds are lower, or can be used for ministry expenses.

What expenses are covered by the missionary's monthly allowance?

The monthly amount is intended to cover the missionary’s housing and all other costs of living. But missions is not just about “living” — it’s about “serving”! Personal ministry expenses such as vehicle fuel, literature and media materials, hospitality, etc., are also paid from the worker’s support.

If a worker's allowance drops, how are his/her needs met?

Initially, the missionary should have raised the required amount for NCEM’s Worker Salary Fund before his/her placement on the field. If the allowance drops thereafter, various means — including deputation and specific requests for prayer — are used to let others know of this need. (The Mission’s General Fund does not make up the difference.)

Are there deductions from the missionary's allowance?

Yes, besides Income Tax, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, the members provide a 6% (before tax) administration fee to NCEM’s General Fund.