Wills and Estates

If you have been faithfully supporting Christian ministries and your church, you can be sure that when your support stops, it will be missed. The world says we should accumulate wealth for ourselves and our children. Christians have a different perspective.

If you are one who considers yourself a steward of the gifts God has given to you, then you will want to prayerfully consider what He wants you to do with His money at your death.

As NCEM receives bequests, we are very thankful for those who have considered our Mission as a way to give to the building up of Christ’s Kingdom.

Questions about Wills & Estates … that we’ve been asked:

Do I need a professional to make out a will?

We recommend that, when making a legal will, you secure the help of a qualified person in your province/state of residence. That person will usually provide good advice to help make good decisions.

Some people have tried to save money by using “Do-It-Yourself” and “Mail Order” wills. Unfortunately, this has sometimes resulted in a large amount of the estate being used in probate (the government processes for situations of no will or of an improperly prepared will). In the end, the estate funds may not be used as the individual had desired.

In short, the amount of money saved doing it yourself will not usually outweigh the benefits of professional help.

Of course gathering relevant information, such as naming your beneficiaries and stating how you would like your estate to be distributed, will help the professional to accurately legalize your will.

Are there limitations in using a professional to write my will?

There may be. The professional may not understand your desires as a Christian ministry supporter. (The information on this page is intended to help with this.)

What are the benefits of naming a charity such as NCEM in a will?

Along with making provision for your family (if needed), giving either a set amount or a percentage to your church and to other ministries enables you to have a continuing impact for the Kingdom of God after you are gone.

There is also a tax benefit in naming a charity in your will. In cases where taxes are to be paid on an estate, a donation receipt will serve as a tax deduction for the estate.

What information do I need in my will to name a charity?

All you need is the correct unabbreviated name and address of that charity, and the CRA (charity registration number).

What happens to the bequest when it is received by NCEM?

When estate gifts come to NCEM, they are considered a donation to our General Fund. They will be used to help fund one or more of NCEM’s various ministries, at the discretion of our Mission’s leadership.

You can be assured that the gift will be used properly. NCEM is a member of Missio Nexus (a worldwide association of mission organizations). An independent accountant audits NCEM’s finances each year. Our annual financial statement is provided upon request.

What if the donor has preference for a specific ministry within NCEM?

All gifts to a charity are legally under the direction of that charity. As much as possible, our Mission leadership will direct the bequest to areas of NCEM ministry in keeping with the donor’s interests. (Bequests to a specific missionary worker should name the person, not NCEM.)

If the donor has preferences, he/she should send a letter to NCEM (separate from the will, to be kept on file by NCEM) indicating the preferred areas of ministry to be funded by the bequest (evangelism, Bible education, television, literature, Bible camps, etc.).

Funds will be directed accordingly with the understanding that if the ministry department is no longer active, donations will be directed to another area of need in NCEM.

Do you have additional questions about Wills & Estates?

We are glad to answer additional questions you may have. If you would like help contacting a professional to set up a legal will, we are happy to help in that way as well. Please Contact Us.

Should you contact us, you are in no way obligated to donate to NCEM, even if we can help you in any of these areas. We seek to serve God faithfully, and believe that He will supply our needs as He sees fit.

For your information, our charity registration number is 10778 1296 RR0001.

For our mailing addresses and phone number, click Contact Us.

Designated Giving Policy

Spending of funds is confined to NCEM Board/Officers approved programs and projects. Each contribution designated towards a Board/Officers approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or the Board/Officers have determined it cannot be completed, the remaining contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.