Questions About Finances

How are NCEM workers funded?

Each NCEM worker — whether a field missionary, office worker, or director — must trust God to provide for his/her needs. NCEM is a “faith” mission. It is not structurally funded by a denomination, church conference, or any other organization.

Workers are individually responsible for developing a team of financial supporters, usually a combination of interested individuals and churches.

How much support does an NCEM missionary need?

Our workers serve in diverse situations, some in communities where the cost of living and/or travel is comparatively expensive.

With approval of Mission administration, each missionary establishes a budget amount based on his/her ministry circumstances to a maximum of: $4,103 per month for single workers; $5,885 per month for married couples (figures current to 2018, for full-time workers).

Surplus in a worker’s salary (above the maximum monthly levels) remains to be paid out when incoming funds are lower, or can be used for ministry expenses.

Are there deductions from the missionary's allowance?

Yes, besides Income Tax, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, the members provide a 7% (before tax) administration fee to NCEM’s General Fund.

What expenses are covered by the missionary's monthly allowance?

The monthly amount is intended to cover the missionary’s housing and all other costs of living. But missions is not just about “living” — it’s about “serving”! Personal ministry expenses such as vehicle fuel, literature and media materials, hospitality, etc., are also paid from the worker’s support (though some NCEM-organized initiatives may be otherwise funded).

If a worker's allowance drops, how are his/her needs met?

Initially, the missionary should have raised the required budget amount (see second question) for NCEM’s Worker Salary Fund before his/her placement on the field.

If the allowance drops thereafter, various means — including deputation and specific requests for prayer — are used to let others know of this need. (The Mission’s General Fund does not make up the difference, and the Worker Salary Fund is not “pooled.”)

Are contributions to NCEM tax deductible?

Yes, if sent directly to NCEM for receipting. Cheques should be made payable to NCEM with the approved designation on a separate piece of paper. If you are giving regularly, you may choose to receive your income tax deductible receipt monthly, quarterly, or annually.

How can I be sure that monies sent to NCEM will be used properly?

NCEM is a member of Missio Nexus (a worldwide association of mission organizations). An independent accountant audits NCEM’s finances each year. Our annual financial statement is provided upon request.

Funds will be will be used as designated with the understanding that if the project closes, donations will be directed to another area of need.

Can I send money directly to a missionary?

Funds should be sent directly to NCEM, but if an income tax receipt is not required, gifts of money may be sent directly to the missionary.

When does the missionary worker receive his/her allowance?

Once every month. Monies received for the Worker Salary Fund are accumulated and distributed at the end of each month, along with a statement listing the names and addresses of donors.

How are NCEM's administrative costs covered?

They are covered by NCEM’s General Fund, which is supplied primarily by undesignated gifts to the Mission and by donors who consider “The General” to be an important ministry. Also, our missionaries give 7% of their monthly support.

Designated Giving Policy

Spending of funds is confined to NCEM Board/Officers approved programs and projects. Each contribution designated towards a Board/Officers approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or the Board/Officers have determined it cannot be completed, the remaining contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.