Tribal Trails – Where is the Appeal?

So why is this First Nations TV broadcast blessing so many? (from Issue #498)

So why is this First Nations TV broadcast blessing so many?

Perhaps it’s because Tribal Trails is down-to-earth, most often featuring everyday people, not just professional communicators.

Perhaps it’s the music. Many of our singers would not claim to be musicians — just someone with a song they can’t keep to themselves! The singer’s heart, along with the song’s message, seems to come through and bless.

Perhaps it’s because our references to finances are very minimal. There has never been an expectation that the viewers themselves would carry the whole cost. Our Mission’s “Minute-Man” supporters have been a great help over the years, and others have become regular givers. They know that their gift makes it possible for their First Nations neighbors to hear the Good News.

We wouldn’t be honest if we didn’t admit, though, that finances are a concern. The high cost of broadcasting is still a faith-stretching venture. Back when Tribal Trails was still just a “vision” our Mission didn’t ask only, “How much will it cost?” but, “Is it God’s will?” That conviction still holds.

Adapted from our Northern Lights magazine (Issue #499). Note: some of the locations and involvements of our missionaries may have changed since the original publishing of this article.