The Greatest Story

Can the Bible story -- from beginning to end -- fit into a pocket-sized booklet? (from Issue #545)

Can the Bible story – from beginning to end, with God’s amazing plan of salvation – fit into a short pocket-sized booklet?

Not adequately, of course. Nevertheless, over the years we’ve attempted to do that with “salvation tracts” we’ve produced especially for First Nations readers. Our latest publication of that kind is The Greatest Story.

Readers need to know about Jesus, of course. And to fully appreciate who He is, they also need to understand God’s story from the beginning – Creation, the Fall, God’s plan for His chosen people, His promised Messiah, the Church, and the Future. Our 24-page booklet concludes with a challenge to more than just “know” the Greatest Story, but “respond” to the Author.

Our initial printing of 10,000 copies two years ago have almost all been given out. Our NCEM Minute-Man supporters generously made possible copies for our missionaries to freely use, and we’ll soon need to reprint. Our Bible camps have used The Greatest Story with older campers, and we are planning an edition especially for younger children.

We are happy to send you a complimentary copy of The Greatest Story. Additional booklets may be ordered from our Bookstore (phone 306-764-4490).

(from Northern Lights issue #545)