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Meet Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute grads Fred & Charlotte Evans ... saved at a young age and serving God today (from Issue #516)

Fred & Charlotte Evans … saved at a young age & serving God today

Fred & Charlotte Evans are Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute grads of 1978. They are just two of the many reasons why we believe KBI is a worthy ministry.

Recently the Evans’ shared on our Tribal Trails TV program how the Lord initially touched their lives.

EvansFred: I grew up in a little place called Thicket Portage, in northern Manitoba. When I was a little boy I used to go out to the trapline with my uncle and aunt. I remember bringing with me the Gideons New Testament I’d been given in school. It was all I had to read while out on the trapline.

I read verses in there like John 3:16 and others where the Lord spoke about salvation, but I didn’t understand them.

As a young boy of about 10 or 11 I would go to church, and the minister would get me to read Scripture for him. I would stand on the little box he had for me and read, but still I didn’t know anything about salvation.

Sometimes I would sit at the lake and look across and into the sky. I wondered about this God that the Bible was talking about.

Then I began going to “young peoples,” led by local (NCEM) missionaries, the VanNortwicks. Most of the time we would just fool around, as young boys do, but in spite of that we did learn some things – like how to be saved, and how the Lord loved us.

About the time I turned 16 I had a school teacher who would read to us every morning from the Bible. Those were the days when Bible reading was allowed in school. By the end of the year the Lord opened my eyes to see that I could be saved. I asked this teacher how I could go about it, and he led me to the Lord.

Charlotte: I grew up north of Swan River, Manitoba, and after I’d left home I wanted to complete my schooling, so I moved to The Pas.

That is where I met Fred. He was one of my math and science teachers at the Community College. Fred would give me Gospel tracts explaining how to be born again, and I started reading them. That’s when I began to understand I needed a personal relationship with the Lord.

Fred also asked me to go with him to meet the Jennings (Continental missionaries). They, of course, talked about the Lord. I felt at peace when I was in their home. Mr. Jennings would often say, “Charlotte, are you ready to give your life to the Lord?”
I would tell him that, no, I wasn’t ready. My biggest concern was that I’d lose all my friends who weren’t Christians.

About this same time Fred invited me to “youth group” at the nearby community of Umpherville, where the McCombs (NCEM) served.

One night at the Jennings, after supper, I received Christ. I knew there was a change in me. I didn’t want to go out partying with my friends anymore. I wanted to be around Christian people instead, and I wanted to study the Bible.

The Jennings discipled me in my new faith. Fred, too, answered questions I had about the Bible. The McCombs were a help, too, but they lived further away.

I had known from the start that Fred was different from the other guys. He didn’t drink or smoke. I’d grown up with those things, and had seen enough. So that attracted me to Fred even before I was saved.

After we got married, Fred worked at the old folks home as an orderly, and I worked in the kitchen, before we had children.

Fred had talked about going to Bible school. I had thought it would be a good thing, too, because I wanted to learn more.

Fred: We were at Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute for three years in the late 1970s. That’s where I received my training for ministry, and it’s been a big blessing to learn the Bible there.

We joined Continental Mission in 1979 immediately after graduation, moving to Thompson (MB). We were there for seven years, serving as a pastor, and also visiting outlying communities such as Nelson House and Split Lake.

Now we live in Swan River, serving in itinerant evangelism, preaching in Native communities. Besides travelling, we have a radio ministry, where I preach in Cree and English. I also write articles for the Muskeg Moccasingraph paper (produced by Continental Mission).

Also, we post articles on a web site, which is geared more for young people. The youth email me with their problems and ask for prayer.

As I look over my life so far, I know I had some close calls with death as a young person. I guess the Lord preserved me from dying because He has a purpose to use my life.

One time as I child I remember being real sick with a fever that could have killed me. But the Lord touched me.

I thank the Lord that He saved me at a young age. There were some struggles along the way, but I’m here today serving Him.

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(adapted from Northern Lights issue #516). Note: some of the locations and involvements of our missionaries may have changed since the original publishing of this article.