“I Read the Whole Book”

How a published book made a difference (from Issue #524)

How a Published Life Story Made a Difference

David Traintinger from Nipigon, Ontario, was a guest on our Tribal Trails TV program, and shared this story:

David Traintinger

David Traintinger

When my mom was in her late 60s I was witnessing to her about her need of the Saviour. I had given her a book called “The Lonely Search” – written by Owen Salway on the life of Albert Tait, Native pastor/evangelist from northern Ontario. I chose it because I thought it might interest her, and because salvation was clearly explained at the end of the book.

A few days later my mom asked me, “Do you remember in the story when Albert was getting married? He’d bought a ring from the Hudson’s Bay Store but, on his way to the church, he realized that he’d lost it. He didn’t know what to do.

“As he was walking up the aisle, he saw a lady with two rings on one finger. Her name was Emma. Do you remember that part?” my mom asked me. “I grew up with Emma. I know her!”

Mom talked on and on about Emma, about all the things they did together when they were young. She seemed to get a big charge out of that part of the book.

But I needed to ask her, “Did you read the latter part of the book about the message of salvation?”

Lonely SearchShe responded only with, “Yeah, I read the whole book.”

By that point in her life my mom had already gone through cancer surgery. Then she had developed diabetes.

Sometime after reading the book my mom was scheduled for heart surgery. Just prior to going to the hospital, she came to our home and sat my wife, Wendy, and me and our children down. She began recounting her life.

“I was raised in a little Native community,” she began. “When there was a fire in the community, the bell at the school would ring. Everyone would get together and help the family out. When a bell rang at the blacksmith shop, that meant there was a death. We were well acquainted with death.

“And I’m just telling you this,” she said to our children, “because you know that Nanny is quite old now, and I have wrestled with cancer. I need to go for heart surgery now, and they are planning to remove a couple of my toes as a result of the diabetes.

“So I’ve just come to tell you that I have accepted the Lord. I know very well where I’m going, should the Lord decide to take me. If He decides to prolong my life, I would be grateful and I would be able to see you children. I just wanted you to know that before I go.”

I was speechless! The Lord had used The Lonely Search more than I thought!

Mom had surgery and recovered well. Beyond her physical well being, it was interesting to think that she had started going to church as a young child, and had attended for 65 years before meeting Jesus Christ in a personal way.

My father said to me, “You know, your mom … something’s changed in her. She has quit habits that she has had all of our married life.”

My mom later passed away in her 70s from a massive stroke. Though we were sad, there was a tremendous peace that came over our family. I am confident that the time will come when I, too, will meet with the Lord, and with my mom. I am continuing to pray for my extended family, that they would also come to know the Lord and have that same peace and confidence.

(This story was adapted for space. You can watch David Traintinger’s Tribal Trails program by writing or calling us to request a complimentary DVD.)

(from Northern Lights Issue #424). Note: some of the locations and involvements of our missionaries may have changed since the original publishing of this article.