Serve At Bible Camp

Serve a week, a summer, or serve long-term at one of our Bible camps!

Bible camps have brought many Native people and the Gospel of Jesus Christ together in a natural setting. And we are enjoying the growing number of First Nations Christians leading and serving with us at NCEM Bible camps!

In NCEM we’ve implemented several types of camping programs. There are family camps, out-tripping camps, and week-long sessions for children and teens.

Here is a list of our camps and their locations. You can find out more by following these links. Each Camp’s website includes contact information & application forms for those considering serving there (plus parent/camper information).

Grand Lake, New Brunswick

Big River, Saskatchewan

Some of our NCEM missionaries serve in First Nations Bible camps besides those listed above. Contact us for more information.

Bible Camp: It’s about planting seeds …

We believe Bible camp to be a great “seed planting” ministry, as God’s Word is planted in the hearts of First Nations young people. God’s love and Bible knowledge implanted in their hearts at camp can have immediate and long-range effects.

Summer opportunities range from 1 to 6 weeks. To effectively conduct our Bible camps we rely on volunteers to serve as: cabin leaders, program directors, Bible teachers, cooks, maintenance helpers, and nurses. Summer workers may also assist in areas such as: waterfront, sports, crafts, and outdoor skills instruction.

Whether you offer one week or six weeks this summer, you’ll be making an investment that will last for eternity!

Staff Qualifications (for all camps):
  • A born again believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • A compassion and concern for children and young people
  • Enjoy the out-of-doors and have potential leadership ability
  • Able to assume responsibilities and submit to camp authority
  • Preferably 17 years of age or older
  • Able to accept and love those of another cultural background
  • Desire to be a “team” player
Church-Sponsored Teams

NCEM encourages church-sponsored mission teams (no larger than 20 to 25 people) to assist in staffing our Bible camps. Prayer support is necessary, of course, and financial support should be raised at the discretion of sponsoring church leadership.

Individual Volunteers

We also encourage individual staff who come to help at our Bible camps to find 10 to 15 prayer supporters. Individuals should work out their financial support arrangement with their supporting church(es). We cannot promise honorariums.

We supply room and board for all of our staff at the camps. However, if some of the support staff (i.e., not cabin leaders) can bring their own camper trailers, we encourage them to do so.

Our senior staff will be 18 years and older. Our junior staff will be 16 or 17 years of age, depending on past camp experience.


If you already know at which Bible camp you wish to serve, you may contact that Camp directly. Follow the Camp’s links (above) and look for application instructions.

If you are interested in serving at one of our Camps but not sure which, please Contact Us with your questions.