Career Application Steps

Steps to Becoming a Career Missionary

First of all, do I qualify?

A missionary candidate with NCEM must be:

  • a committed believer in Jesus Christ.
  • aware of God’s call upon his/her life
  • physically, mentally and spiritually stable
  • a graduate of a recognized Bible school (exceptions to this requirement will be considered)
  • teachable and prepared to adapt to another culture.

STEP #1 … Tell us

Write or call us, telling us of your interest. More information will be sent to you, along with answers to questions you may ask. Continue to pray, asking the Lord for His guidance in your future. If possible, talk to an NCEM missionary in person.

STEP #2 … Forms, forms, forms!

Should your interest in NCEM continue, and you are in agreement and supportive of NCEM’s Mandate, Core Values and Statement of Faith, write or call again and ask for formal application forms. These forms request information about yourself, a doctrinal statement, a list of references, and a criminal record check.

STEP #3 … an Interview

When application papers and reference forms have been received and processed, you will be invited to a personal interview with our Executive Committee. You should be prepared to answer questions that may have arisen from your application, doctrinal and reference forms. You will be given opportunity to ask questions of the NCEM Executive. The Committee will make a decision concerning your conditional acceptance as a missionary candidate.

STEP #4 … Building a team

As a missionary candidate you will be officially welcomed into the NCEM family. Then our Personnel Coordinator will begin preparing you for your deputation. Your next months will include sending out personal newsletters and prayer cards, and traveling to visit churches, relatives and friends who may wish to be part of your support team.

STEP #5 … Ministry training

We believe it’s essential to be sufficiently equipped for your future ministry. That’s why we require training beyond your college education. In most cases this will be three semesters (one and-a-half years) at an arranged missionary training centre.

STEP #6 … Pack your belongings

… and go! You will be assigned to a ministry team, and your location will be based on consultation with you and your home church, and with your training mentor’s recommendation.