Career Application Steps

Steps to Becoming a Career Missionary

STEP #1 … Let us know!

Contact us — we’d love to hear from you! Missions is all about relationship, so it’s important for us to get to know you, and for you to get to know NCEM. Continue to pray, asking the Lord for His guidance. If possible, we’ll connect you with an NCEM missionary who can meet you in person.

STEP #2 … Resume & testimony

Send us your resume (with two references) and your salvation story (written, audio or video).

STEP #3 … Exploring together

As we get to know each other, there will be more questions — and we look forward to this! How does NCEM do ministry? What does NCEM believe? What about financial support, etc.? We’d love to help you learn about what makes us unique. And we want to learn about you — your ministry experience, interests in serving, skills and giftings. To sum it up: Are we a good fit for you? And are you a good fit for NCEM? We look forward to these discussions via phone, email, video calls or in-person visits!

STEP #4 … Meet our leaders

Next comes your personal meeting with our Executive Committee. They want to get to know our prospective missionaries, so you can expect some questions, as well as your opportunity to ask them questions. We will let you know as soon as possible when you have been officially accepted as a missionary candidate!

STEP #5 … Build a team

Welcome to the NCEM family! We look forward to helping you learn how to build a team of prayer and financial supporters. These relationships will be critical for your long-term success as a missionary. This phase involves sending out personal prayer letters and prayer cards, as well as traveling to visit churches, relatives and friends who may wish to partner in your ministry.

STEP #6 … Ministry training

Cross-cultural ministry has unique challenges, so you will attend modular training sessions every few months during your first years of ministry. These sessions are designed to build on your Bible school education, and give you the skills you need to thrive as a missionary. Candidates entering the FirstStory church planting ministry will receive three semesters of training in Durham, Ontario through Ethnos Canada

STEP #7 … Pack your belongings

… and go! Since the days of the apostles, missionaries have been going to the ends of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We look forward to how He will use you to help establish strong indigenous multiplying churches among Canada’s First Peoples!