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Watch our movie “The Carving”

  • Watch an award winning snow carver at work
  • Scenes from NCEM’s ministries across Canada
  • …all packed into 7 and-a-half minutes!

Watch our movie “20:21”

  • Scenes from NCEM’s ministries
  • an offer of a free DVD of the world’s most translated movie!

Sorry, our online edition is a shortened version. We’re happy to send you a free DVD copy of this 9-minute movie. See offer below.

Our free DVD offers:

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DVD 2021

Our newest video – scenes from NCEM’s ministries; a song that expresses God’s heart for missions; and an offer of a free DVD of the world’s most translated movie. (DVD only)

The Carving DVD
The Carving

(DVD or VHS)

High Calling #1

Meet NCEM’s Pioneers – Inspiring Stories & Scenes from the Mission’s Beginnings / 60 min. (c) 1996. (DVD or VHS)

High Calling #2

The Vision Continues – A Personal Look into the Heart of NCEM’s Outreach / 60 min. (c) 2003. (DVD or VHS)

We’re happy to send each of the above items above free of charge (to North American addresses).

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