Life Story Missions Books

These books feature the experiences of those privileged to serve in ministry among Canada’s First Peoples.

A Southern Belle Goes North

A Southern Belle Goes North
Virgie Mueller

97809938923 — $16.67
In 1962 Virgie Mueller left the comfort of her home, friends and family in Oklahoma, and boarded a train to join her husband Russell over 2,000 miles to the north, in the remote village of Paint Hills (Wemindji) Quebec, Canada. This would be the beginning of a 52 year adventure as she and Russell, lived, ministered, and raised their children in a number of First Nations’ communities across Canada.

In a factual, yet personal way, Virgie tells her inspiring story, of how through the tears and the joy, God directed their steps, and was always faithful.

OWEN - The Biography of Owen Salway

OWEN – The Biography of Owen Salway
Florence Salway / Gwen Bailey

9781896968759 — $6.25
Many people knew of Owen C. Salway through his books and magazine and newspaper articles. He was a writer and editor, a humorist, and popular guest speaker in and around Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. For many years he effectively served in a national ministry to Canada’s First Peoples.

What a lot of his readers didn’t know is that Owen suffered his entire adult life with progressive Muscular Dystrophy, gradually taking away his physical strength.
Twenty years after his passing, his wife Florence, with the assistance of good friend Gwen Bailey, present Owen’s story. It is a story of perseverance. A story of trusting God one day at a time, of experiencing His saturating power when all human strength is gone.

Late Dawn

Late Dawn
Phil Welch

9781896968742 — $6.00
Read of opportunities and challenges of evangelical outreach among Maritime First Nations in the 1800s, and those of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission and
others who’ve followed.

From the beginnings of recorded history to present day, missionary Phil Welch considers why the Light of Christ’s love has been so long in reaching Canada’s Maritime First Peoples.

From Dog Team to Wings

From Dog Team to Wings
Ron Knightly

9781896968735 — $6.00
Join veteran missionary Ron Knightly as he recounts his life from childhood in rural Maine, to boarding school, to the Navy – where the Lord got a hold of him – to Bible school, and then to the mission field, where he and his wife, Marjorie, served among northern First Nations on the Mackenzie River, one of the world’s longest waterways.

You’ll travel by boat, by dog team, and by single engine aircraft through some of Canada’s most unforgiving terrain. You’ll read of adventure, dangers, lessons learned, spiritual battles, and answered prayer.

By Canoe and Dog Train

By Canoe and Dog Train

9780920731345 — $7.50
Egerton R. Young’s 19th century account of adventures, blessings and hardships faced as the Gospel was taken to Cree and Saulteaux of northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

My Album of Memories

My Album of Memories

BK2049 — $3.50
Leslie Garrett recounts his pioneer missionary experiences in northern Ontario beginning in the 1920s, and God’s dealings in his own life.

Journey To A Lonely Land

Journey To A Lonely Land

BK2002 — $5.30
The birth and growth of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission. Written by Bernard Palmer for the Mission’s 25th Anniversary in 1971.

Collie's Corner: A Collection

Collie’s Corner: A Collection

BK2034 — $2.75
Down-to-earth lessons from the life and ministry of Stan Collie, NCEM’s cofounder and first missionary

The Last of the Giants

The Last of the Giants

0920731481 — $4.58
In the great north woods of Minnesota, God called a mighty man to be the first “Apostle of the Pines” and he gathered about him other spiritual giants to storm the ramparts of evil for God.