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Let’s Talk About… Series

Children can assume responsibility for their own lives if we show them how. This series helps children become aware of their behaviour; gives them an understanding of why they do the things they do; helps them see why their behaviour may need to be changed; and tells children exactly what they can do to change their behaviour. Each booklet is 32 pages, with full-page color illustrations.

Let's Talk About Being Rude

Let’s Talk About Being Rude

DJ3003 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Being Messy

Let’s Talk About Being Messy

DJ3004 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Lying

Let’s Talk About Lying

DJ3005 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Being Greedy

Let’s Talk About Being Greedy

DJ3007 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Disobeying

Let’s Talk About Disobeying

DJ3008 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Being Destructive

Let’s Talk About Being Destructive

DJ3009 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Cheating

Let’s Talk About Cheating

DJ3011 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Being Careless

Let’s Talk About Being Careless

DJ3012 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Breaking Promises

Let’s Talk About Breaking Promises

DJ3013 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Being a Bad Sport

Let’s Talk About Being a Bad Sport

DJ3014 — $1.92

Let's Talk About Being Wasteful

Let’s Talk About Being Wasteful

DJ3015 — $1.92

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Fiction for Children & Young Teens

Eagle Feather Series

Readers will be captivated by the intrigue of the mysteries … and lives changed in the process. Novels for pre-teens, teens, and older, exploring questions of tradition and faith — real life issues for Native North American youth. Produced by NCMD. Written by Bernard Palmer and Karen Peters.

The Eagle Feather Mystery

The Eagle Feather Mystery

0920731961 — $5.95
(Book 1) Could it really be that Grandfather is guilty of poaching? And will he be able to convince the youth to learn about and follow the traditional ways? Or will Twila sway her cousins to also accept the “white man’s religion”?

The Mysterious Break-in

The Mysterious Break-in

0920731988 — $5.95
(Book 2) Big Lake Reserve becomes shrouded in mystery when the Band Office is broken into. Why do vandals choose Grandfather’s house next? Even these events, though, cannot prepare the community for the tragedy that strikes when drug dealers attempt to run from the law.

The Great Dog Sled Race

The Great Dog Sled Race

1896968015 — $5.95
(Book 3) Wanting to race sled dogs becomes a challenge in honesty and integrity. Meanwhile, family life takes a turn when the youth’s father returns home after a lengthy hospital stay. What will come of the conflict between their parents? And can Louis quit his solvent-sniffing habit after his friend freezes to death?

The Case of the Strange Pottery

The Case of the Strange Pottery

1896968066 — $5.95
(Book 4) During a visit with relatives on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico, the Yazzie youth learn about their father’s heritage. What could be so tragic that it would cause cousin Zena to commit suicide? Will Grant be able to return to Canada with the Yazzies, or did he indict himself by taking Basil Hunter’s job offer?

The Case of the Innocent Magpie

The Case of the Innocent Magpie

1896968074 — $5.95
(Book 5) Who are the creeps who caught Tawana on her way through the bush to visit Mrs. Broucher? What would they have done if Robert and Louis hadn’t shown up in time? Rita Yazzie makes more false promises to her family — will she ever stay home as a faithful mother? And Louis gets in trouble when he tries to please the spin-headed Mrs. McDonald in her search for flowers.

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The Case of the Soapstone Carving

The Case of the Soapstone Carving

1896968317 — $5.95
(Book 6) Through a unique job offer, the Yazzies arrive in Nunavut for a four-month stay. They quickly become friends with Benji and Annie Kusugak who have recently moved into town from “the land.” What will the discovery of a little half-brother mean to Benji and Annie’s relationship with their father? Does this explain their mother’s desperation before she died? And how does a missing soapstone carving fit into the mystery?

The Case of the Missing Child

The Case of the Missing Child

1896968309 — $5.95
(Book 7) How could Robert Yazzie be drunk? Hadn’t he just recently been giving all the right answers and praying at Bible club? Was what some said true? … that he was only on a “religious kick” and would soon be back to his old self? Is so, then what are the odds that a changed life would last for any of the youth?

The Nature of Things at Angel Lake

The Nature of Things at Angel Lake

1896968511 — $5.95
(Book 8) Fourteen year-old Tawana Yazzie is glad her friend, Tanya, has come with her to camp. But will Tanya’s attitude — the result of a troubled life — ruin their week? Meanwhile, Robert Yazzie must discover the reason for his friend’s disappearance from camp in the middle of the night before tragedy strikes. A fight over logging rights, the environment, personal desires and personal defeats … and hope for the future.

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Novels by Bernard Palmer
Silent Thunder

Silent Thunder

1896968260 — $2.95
(Also available on video — see description in video section.)