Helping Make it Possible: NCEM Minute-Man

Picture yourself living and serving on a semi-isolated mission station. There may be believers with whom you enjoy fellowship, but they can’t quite relate to the ministry responsibilities you feel, and your adjustments as an outsider trying to fit in.

You could phone long distance to a friend, or perhaps to a pastor back home … but what you really need is a personal visit from someone who has walked in your shoes.

Last fall the Sieberts travelled as far as Ft. McPherson, NWT, visiting our missionaries, Paul & Lynn Hanthorn. Photo shows Lynn (second from left) with local women; Evelyn on right.

Thanks to our Minute-Man supporters, funds have been available to make travel and visits by our Mission leaders just like this possible!

Some mission organizations include this cost as “administration” (and paid for with a percentage of the support the missionary has raised). In NCEM our missionary’s administration fee is kept quite low (currently 6%), and this important ministry of leaders’ visits carries on with support from our Minute-Man program.

We hear it from our missionaries all the time – they value visits from their leaders. Last fall, after an extended mission station tour, our Field Ministry Coordinators, Jon & Evelyn Siebert, jotted down these thoughts:

– We try to encourage missionaries going through hard times. Perhaps there has been a family loss, or other losses have got them feeling down.

– Our visits help keep our missionaries connected. Leadership decisions can be clarified, and hearing what God is doing elsewhere is a great encouragement.

– Sometimes there are difficult relationships … in their community, fellowship group, ministry team … these are much more effectively worked through in person than over the phone.

– Sometimes we need to challenge our missionaries to reach out beyond their comfort zone to further opportunities.

– And, refreshingly, our visits are also times to rejoice with the missionaries for answered prayer!l


Who is an NCEM Minute-Man?

… someone who commits to partner financially as ministry opportunities arise. Maximum of three Calls per year. Contributions need only be $5 minimum, or more as God enables.

Each Call includes “Minute-Man News” … where you can read about how your gifts are helping to reach First Nations for Christ.

Become a Minute-Man by calling 306-764-3388 (after hours leave a message).

(from Northern Lights issue #542)