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… at one of the following 2018 missions-themed gatherings!

Check these websites for locations/times:

Missions Fest Vancouver
January 26-28 / www.missionsfestvancouver.ca

Missionfest Manitoba (Winnipeg)
February 2-4 / www.missionfestmanitoba.org

Missions Fest Alberta (Edmonton)
February 23-25 /  www.mfest.ab.ca

Jesus to the Nations (Halifax)
March 23-25 / www.jesustothenations.com



Not new, but returning to full-time ministry are Lucas & Sara Gabrielson. Lucas previously served at Timber Bay (SK) Bible Centre, and then he and Sara served at Pine Ridge Bible Camp.

Following a couple years of employment in southern Manitoba, they are now planning to join the staff at Big River Bible Camp with their two young children, Carleigh and Barclay. Lucas’s abilities in facility and grounds maintenance will be put to use, along with their desire to reach First Nations as the BRBC team ministers on area Reserves. Pray for the Gabrielsons as they build their financial/prayer support team.

We’re happy that Kyle Hubick joined us in October for a one-year internship, assisting with ministry at Arrowhead Native Bible Center in New Brunswick.

Kyle is involved with most aspects of Arrowhead: kids’ club & youth discipleship in Fredericton twice a week, social media, Book Shop and, of course, summer camp. There will be study, too, with a cross-cultural communication course. Financial support for Kyle can be receipted through NCEM’s Prince Albert office.l



How much do kids remember from Bible camp? Tabitha Wahlstrom tells about a young camper who attended Pine Ridge Bible Camp for the first time.

He shared how his sister was at Camp the previous year and came home with a “7-C’s cube” – a Bible learning tool given to each camper. His sister used it to teach the Gospel to him and the rest of their family!

“We never know what God will do through a week of camp – how many people He will impact through one child,” says Tabitha.

Tabitha recently took on the role of Camp Director at PRBC, while Tim & Ginny Gradin continue to live and serve at the Camp as caretakers and with outreach to surrounding communities.

“We saw God working in the lives of both campers and staff at PRBC this past summer,” Tabitha continues. At the end of the season she collected “God stories” from the staff, and there were many!

Tabitha thanks the Lord for how He provided summer volunteers. Sometimes it was right at the last minute. One week they were able to open an additional cabin and take all the boys on the waiting list.

One of her greatest joys is working with volunteer staff and see them grow in the Lord and in leadership, and especially exciting to see campers return to PRBC on staff. “Their desire is to know God more and to share what they experienced as campers with the kids who are coming now.”

P R A Y : In her new role as Pine Ridge director, Tabitha requests: “Pray for wisdom in Camp decisions, for humbleness and courage to lead well, and for God’s provision and guidance as we move ahead with planning for a much-needed new dining hall.”



Al & Marilyn Bailey are thankful for multiple ministries in Ft. St. John, BC. Al’s include personal evangelism, preaching, teaching, counseling, and pastoral visitation. These take place in the city and extend to Halfway River First Nation, about 115 kms northwest of Ft. St. John.

He enjoys training First Nations men for leadership in the church, focusing on outreach to the multi-cultural community. In Al’s words, he is “encouraging and equipping men to disciple others.”

Sunrise Radio, reaching Ft. St. John, Dawson Creek, Prespatou (and streaming live on sunrisefm.ca with CIAM) is also a part of their work. Marilyn describes it as complementing the work of the church and filling the gap in communities with no Christian workers. They regularly hear stories of listeners whose lives have been touched by the broadcasts.

Applications for new radio repeaters have been approved, with one to reach the Doig and Blueberry Reserves in the New Year. The other approved application will reach three reserves in the Boston Bar area.

Al & Marilyn also travel 1250 kms northwest of Ft. St. John in the summer to minister at Telegraph Creek, their previous station.

P R A Y : The Baileys request prayer for CIAM Radio to also reach the Halfway and Moberly Reserves. At Sunrise Radio in Ft. St. John there is a need for more volunteer staff, and finances to cover broadcasting costs.

The Baileys also appreciate prayer for their seasonal visits to Telegraph Creek.



Jim Davis spends most of his time at NCEM Headquarters programming computers and assisting staff with technical issues related to Mission finances, publishing, video … all areas where computers are essential.

A glance at Jim & Marian Davises’ recent prayer letter will tell you that they’d much rather talk about ministry more directly connected with people … and, for them, most of it has been connected in one way or another to Pine Ridge Bible Camp.

In September they hosted a small ministry team from their home church in Oregon. There was physical work – cutting brush, stacking wood, and Camp maintenance.

There were also significant visits to communities served by the Camp. Along with Tim Gradin, resident missionary at PRBC, they were able to connect with several campers, meet people affected by the widely publicized 2016 school shootings at La Loche (SK), and pray together with believers who are letting their light shine in their communities.

Jim & Marian both served as cabin leaders at Pine Ridge’s teen camp in August. Several boys in Jim’s cabin have a desire to live for the Lord, and one started a Facebook Messenger group which has led to some very lively discussion and spiritual encouragement!

P R A Y : “Praise God for young men who desire to live lives pleasing to the Lord in their communities,” say the Davises. “Pray that we will be salt and light to a dying world .. and pray that young people will find hope and life in Christ, and walk wholeheartedly with Him.”



David & Joanna Bouck have been serving at NCEM Headquarters in Prince Albert for over a year now.

“It was quite a transition from field work,” they say. “In the village you are always ‘on call,’ never knowing where you will be during the day. At HQ we know where we will be, but not always knowing what needs to be attended to next.”

When David arrived there was a long ‘to do’ list for facilities maintenance. The list is now smaller, he says, but there are still many scheduled tasks.

Also, a large portion of David’s week is spent with Tribal Tails TV … program planning, camera, and video editing.

Joanna has transitioned to HQ financial bookkeeping. She was able to slide into the position without much difficulty, she says, but procedures seem to be constantly updated, so there’s good ongoing challenges.

“We do miss the people we left behind on the field,” say the Boucks. “We stay in touch, but it is not the same as being there. It would be nice to again be a part of their lives. However, we do need to stay faithful to God’s leading and continue to follow Him in faith.

“Steps of faith were needed to make these transitions, and it is always nice to see God waiting there when you arrive! God is still in control, even when we are sent in directions that we did not anticipate,” they say.

P R A Y : David & Joanna are thankful for new opportunities to serve God by serving people in the Prince Albert area, and David also takes calls from Tribal Trails TV viewers on the spiritual help-line – so in that way he is still connected to northern people. They appreciate prayer for daily tasks at Headquarters.



Leading three weekly Bible clubs – at Fisher Bay, Peguis First Nation, and Dallas – is a big part of Fran Hartog’s fall/winter/spring ministry schedule in Manitoba’s interlake region.

Of course there are many other resulting opportunities to minister that come out of family connections through these youth outreaches.

For example, Fran tells of receiving a text message from a very worried friend just as she was preparing for a busy afternoon and evening of children’s ministry.

It was from the mother of one of the youth from her kids’ club, fearful for the life of a one-month old niece who wasn’t doing well in the hospital. So Fran planned a visit with this woman for prayer and encouragement.

A new development that Fran is excited about is a monthly “youth night” that sees teens who have attended Fisher Bay Bible Camp gather together.

Fran doesn’t directly lead this outreach, but is part of it and thankful for how it is helping keep these teens connected to the Camp and to spiritual encouragement.

As usual, seven weeks of camp kept Fran very busy all summer, and prior to that with planning and preparation responsibilities.

P R A Y : Fran says that it was a good but hard summer at Fisher Bay Bible Camp. God’s Word was presented and campers responded, but the challenge came with the weekly turnover of staff who she was responsible for training. She requests prayer for a Camp director who can stay all summer, even better, year-round.



Congratulations go to Aileen John & Walter Pope who were married on December 22nd. Aileen has transferred to serve with CIAM Radio ministry where Walter serves in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Congratulations go to Myrna Patenaude & Joel Kopf who were married on January 6th. The newlyweds make their home in Plummer, Idaho, with Myrna transferring to NCEM associate membership.