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We’re happy to introduce Steve & Tara Regnault as our newest missionary candidates!

Steve & Tara, along with their three children, Teresa (15), Asha (13), and Paul (9), presently call Carleton Place, ON, their home, but have been serving in Nepal, Tara’s home country, for a number of years with Global Outreach Mission. Their ministry background includes medical relief, Bible teaching, food and clothing distribution, housing for widows and orphans, and church planting.

The Regnaults look forward to joining the NCEM ministry team at Big River, SK. They appreciate prayer as they build their financial support team, and for guidance as they make “the big move” from ministry in Asia to ministry in Canada.




At its November meeting Joel Welch was appointed as Chairman of NCEM’s Governing Board.

Joel and his wife, Carla, and two children live in Bedford, Nova Scotia, where he is regional director for an investment company. His parents are honorary missionaries, Phil & Grace Welch. Joel joined our Board in 2016.

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We express our deep appreciation for Art Wanuch who has faithfully served on our Governing Board since 2007, most of those years as Board Chairman. Art concluded his service with NCEM in November.





“We thank God for His provision of many open doors in all the three communities to build friendships and to share the Gospel.”

That’s what the Bekkatlas wrote following Gilbert’s outreach trip this past fall to three northern Manitoba Denesuline communities.

Accompanied by pilot Albert Heal and Kit Elford (who grew up in this area, son of missionaries Bud & Marge Elford), Gilbert also has personal connections with folks there, having been previously stationed in Tadoule Lake.

Since moving from Tadoule Lake, he and Laura have made numerous return visits, and keep in contact by phone and internet.

The outreach trip also included the communities of Brochet and Lac Brochet, and the team was thankful for safe flying weather.

Based in Prince Albert, where both Gilbert & Laura minister in correctional centres, the Bekkatlas also get involved each summer at Pine Ridge Bible Camp. Some of the campers come from the Buffalo Narrows area, where Gilbert was raised.

Laura takes calls on the Tribal Trails TV spiritual helpline, does video transcribing, and assists with bookkeeping at NCEM Headquarters.

Gilbert continues his Denesuline language radio ministry. Besides recorded Bible messages, he also gets called on for Denesuline language telephone interviews on spiritual topics.

P R A Y : The Bekkatlas appreciate prayer for the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of the many Denesuline people they connect with, and others; also for their extended family. This winter Gilbert & Laura are guests on Tribal Trails TV (also available for viewing online).




It’s a privilege to teach the Gospel to young and older, say Grant & Nettie Pattimore. It’s even better when they ask questions!

Recently the Pattimores were carrying their equipment into the school at Carry-the-Kettle First Nation when they heard a young fellow calling their names.

Each week they pray that the Lord will bring out all those he wants there, and this was a special answer to prayer, as they had not seen this youngster for some time.

He had moved away and was now back on Carry-the-Kettle. He enjoyed the floor hockey activity before the Bible lesson, and told Grant all the things he was learning about hockey in his AAA league.

“We told the Christmas story that evening, and the reason why Jesus came,” Grant & Nettie continue. “We shared with him how this is different from the religion he was being taught. In our interaction, we were surprised to hear that his dad watches a Christian TV program.

“The other kids there that evening also had questions, so it was exciting to tell them about Jesus!”

P R A Y : The Pattimores request prayer for good connections with the parents of the kids they connect with each week. “Pray that we will know when to go and visit. It’s so hard to find them at home.”

Pray for Grant as he mentors a young man they have known for a number of years. Also pray for Grant as he takes phone calls on the Tribal Trails TV spiritual helpline.

“Pray that as we present the Gospel, many will turn to Jesus to trust Him as their own personal Savior. We sow the Seed but it is God who gives the increase in His time.”




While many of our workers carry on much of their ministry closer to their residences, the Fletts find themselves mostly on the move, connecting with people who live far from each other, and some far from the Fletts’ home in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

As a host for Tribal Trails TV, Conrad travels to interview program guests. Additionally, he serves on the board of Native Evangelical Fellowship (NEFC), which means traveling to encourage and help equip First Nations men giving leadership to fellowship groups and churches across Canada.

There’s also been traveling to plan and help set up transmitters for NEFC’s “CJTL” (Christ Jesus The Lord) radio ministry.

The Fletts’ latest prayer letter also tells about “moose hunting ministry” … occasions this past fall for Conrad to be out hunting with fellow First Nations pastors and leaders – giving opportunity for fellowship, and providing meat for families in their communities.

Florence’s ministry this past fall included a pastors’ wives retreat in southern Saskatchewan.

Additionally, there has been the annual NEFC Reaffirming Truth Conference held in Alberta, along with invitations for Conrad to speak and sing at gatherings in several First Nations communities.

P R A Y : The Fletts appreciate prayer for safe travel, and for the encouragement and strengthening of leaders in Native fellowships. Prayer for their young adult children is also appreciated. One of their sons interned last year in Christian radio in the USA.




“In spite of the dysfunction and hopelessness in this community, God is still in control.” That’s what missionary Ruth Armstrong shared in a recent report from Puvirnituq, Arctic Quebec.

“I was recently encouraged by God’s words to the prophet Jeremiah,” Ruth wrote. “This is what the Lord says: ‘Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work will be rewarded,’ declares the Lord. ‘They will return from the land of the enemy. So there is hope…’ ” (Jer. 31:16,17a).

For several years Ruth and local coworkers have been teaching Bible curriculum in local schools in the Inuktitut language. (This year a local coworker teaches Grades 4-9, while Ruth teaches Grades 10-12.)

Ruth’s longing is that these young people (some who are now adults) will have transformed lives as they internalize the truths they have learned.

“Pray that the still small voice of God would drown out the lie of Satan that says suicide is better than living in what is perceived as a hopeless situation,” Ruth requests. “Also pray for community leadership as they seek to deal with the issues of addiction, abuse and suicide.”

P R A Y : This school year no one could be found to teach Bible lessons to Kindergarten through Grade 3, so Ruth is doing that, too. She writes: “Pray that I will be able to teach the truth clearly in Inuktitut language, in such a way that the little ones will begin to grasp the greatness of our God.”




From November 5-23 our newest missionaries (pictured here) gathered at Big River (SK) Bible Camp for three weeks of concentrated Orientation & Candidate Training.

Some of them have already been introduced to their new ministries, with others still waiting for assignment details. All are now building their prayer/financial support teams so that they can fulfill their call to serve full-time.

With First Nations leaders and missionaries leading the sessions, topics included: NCEM History, Support Raising, First Nations Culture & Religion, Suicide, Grieving, Fatherlessness, Understanding Dependency, Family Life & Ministry, Spiritual Warfare.

P R A Y : … that these new workers will have the Lord’s provision for prayer support, finances, and ministry preparation.




While most of Rollie’s ministry is in publications work at the NCEM Office, as part of her personal outreach, Denise has continued her part-time enrolment as a student at a local First Nations educational campus.

Denise reports, “This past fall, in one session, the teacher asked us to draw a ‘life map’ using symbols to illustrate our life story, and then tell it to the class as we showed our drawings.

“The Lord used this assignment in two ways. First, it gave me opportunity to witness of the greatness of Jesus Christ. I can’t really tell my story without talking about Him!

“So that day about 35 First Nations young people heard how Jesus saved me, and how He has empowered me.

“A few days later I was teaching a Bible lesson at the women’s correctional centre. The theme was ‘Responding to Pain.’ Most of the principles were taken from 1 Peter, but I wanted to use a life story. I thought of Joseph, but his story is so long – telling the whole story would lose them. Then I remembered this ‘life map’ idea.

“The ladies were able to follow Joseph’s story as we moved along the map that I drew on the large chalk board. I could tell they were tracking by their comments and reactions to my questions. Later the prison chaplain commented on its effectiveness, since so many of the inmates are visual learners.”

P R A Y : Pray for the Hodgmans’ outreaches through publications, at the university, and women’s correctional centre.




Our newest honorary members are Brian & Rosalie Kent.

The Kents joined NCEM in 1993. They faithfully served at our Prince Albert Headquarters in the areas of maintenance and office, before moving to Ontario.

From their home base there they have enthusiastically represented NCEM in churches and schools with a strong desire to see more people involved in reaching First Nations for Christ.