by Walter Selke, NCEM General Director

Cindy and I came down the stairs in the old southern Manitoba farm house. We were welcomed by the wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee and fresh bread waiting to be served. John, the man of the house, was waiting patiently at the table for his guests to be seated, while his wife busied herself around the kitchen.

Their fridge was covered with missionary prayer cards layered in such a way that all were on display, held on with magnets. On the table was a Bible open and ready to be read. It was weathered and worn with page corners having that permanent wave that comes from countless turning.

We got our coffee and sat waiting as John read Scripture and a devotional. He then reflected his thoughts and asked for prayer requests. He dug through the prayer requests of missionaries whose letters they had received, then led us in prayer. I sat there feeling a little self-conscious as they included us in this sacred time they had each morning between them and their Lord.

On the corner of their table lay a Northern Lights magazine. It was well read, as was evidenced by the dog-eared pages. I asked them about it, being genuinely curious about how others felt about the NCEM ministry magazine.

“We’ve received this magazine for many years,” they said. “Even though we have met very few of your missionaries, we feel like we know everyone in the organization. We have seen people come in, children born, grow up and serve in many places. We have praised God as we read of the good things going on and have prayed as we have seen the hard times. You know,” they said, “the people of NCEM really feel like family to us!”

I sat at the table wondering how many other homes across Canada and around the world include NCEM in their sacred time with the Lord. How many have watched our family grow, seen our children grow up, rejoiced with us in what God is doing, and held us up before Almighty God when we didn’t know what to do?

In this edition, we feature “Minute-Man” – another way so many of our faithful partners have invested in the work of NCEM. Minute-Man is a primary way that our various ministries are funded. If you aren’t already, please prayerfully consider becoming a “Minute-Man”!

1 Corinthians 12:12: “There is one body, but it has many parts. But all its many parts make up one body. It is the same with Christ.” Thank you for standing together with us as parts of the Body of Christ as we labour in the harvest field.