by Walter Selke, NCEM General Director

When you are in ministry and your phone rings in the middle of the night, you know it’s likely that you’ll have to get up and go out. The call that had just wakened me from my blissful sleep was from a young dad whose baby was in the hospital. The baby wasn’t doing well and he wanted me to come and pray.

I remember my car growling with resistance before it started. I thought, “It doesn’t want to go any more than I want to.” The time at the hospital turned out to be good, though, even pleasant. The baby’s condition probably wasn’t as dire as the dad thought – but prayer is always a good idea for every situation. I held the baby and prayed and attended to the family.

A week later I found myself in a pawn shop, visiting with a friend. It was “cheque day” and many had come to get their stuff out of pawn. The line-up extended to the door. As I surveyed the line I saw the young dad with his girlfriend and their baby. I asked how the little one was doing. Just as I asked, the baby started to cough. “Can you pray again?” the young man asked. “Sure,” I said, as I scooped the little one into my arms and started to pray.

Just as I said, “Amen,” and was about to leave, I felt a tap on my shoulder. An elderly gentleman asked if I would also pray for him. I invited the young couple to join me to pray for the needs of this man. Soon I felt another tap, and yet another person in the line-up was asking for prayer. I took a glance at the line of people in the shop, and realized that they all knew what I was doing.

So I called out, asking if any others needed prayer, and hands started going up! Everyone stopped their conversations, and we all held hands and joined together in prayer (and, yes, I did include a Gospel message in the prayer).

Ministry can happen in so many ways and at completely unexpected times. The young couple did start attending our church for awhile. The most significant impact of that prayer time was that the pawn broker asked me to share with him what I believed, and he eventually accepted the Lord!

I had the pleasure of reading the stories in this Northern Lights issue before writing this article. I was inspired by hearing how God is using our missionaries. “Therefore go into all the world and preach the Gospel” is a commandment from the Lord that we take seriously. Thank you for joining with us.