In this issue you’ll read more about “maple” and “guitars” than you were perhaps expecting in a missionary magazine. Of course you already know it’s about more than these. It’s about lives changed by Christ and, as you’ll notice in Richard Paul’s story, prayer had a significant role in him coming to faith.

Editor's Comment

I CAN’T THINK ABOUT our Minute-Man program and about giving to the Lord’s work without being reminded of a certain man I met years ago.

During my college days I helped a while with a boys’ club ministry to inner city kids. This fellow would regularly bring some very tasty food from his catering company (and the kids enjoyed it at least as much as I did).

When one of our leaders would say to him, “I don’t know how we can thank you,” he would respond, “You think you’ve got a problem? I don’t know how to contain the blessing!”

As a Mission, and as missionaries living “on support,” we find ourselves on the receiving end of things. But if I understand the Scriptures correctly, God is generous and scatters blessings everywhere.

So we missionaries, too, have the privilege of giving … to those in need on our fields, and to ministries beyond our own. We all can have the same problem of not knowing how to contain the blessing.

— R.H. (editor)