In this issue you’ll read more about “maple” and “guitars” than you were perhaps expecting in a missionary magazine. Of course you already know it’s about more than these. It’s about lives changed by Christ and, as you’ll notice in Richard Paul’s story, prayer had a significant role in him coming to faith.

Editor's Comment

I HAD JUST FINISHED Bible college and trade school and was looking for a job to gain some printing experience to use in ministry. I remember the man at the employment placement office saying, “Why would you want to work in a printshop? Paper and printing is on its way out.”

Recently a young First Nations man from a northern community came into our Bookstore in Prince Albert. He was asking about something he’d read in “Bushman and the Spirits,” a book that the late NCEMer, Owen Salway, had written, and which continues to be purchased.

We know that digital/electronic communication has changed our world. But this visitor at our Bookstore reminds me that, all these years later, the Lord is still using paper and ink to communicate and to draw people to Himself.

But let’s not focus on the “method” more than the “Message.” Whether it is TV, radio, internet … counselling, preaching or teaching techniques, let’s remember that our only hope for this world is in Christ Himself. He came in person.

— R.H. (editor)