In this issue you’ll read more about “maple” and “guitars” than you were perhaps expecting in a missionary magazine. Of course you already know it’s about more than these. It’s about lives changed by Christ and, as you’ll notice in Richard Paul’s story, prayer had a significant role in him coming to faith.

Editor's Comment

ONE of OUR missionaries recently told of visiting a community where she overheard a child being instructed by a parent to get ready for church. “Who died?” asked the child.

In this issue we’ve featured our ministries to youth. As Walter Selke noted in his “Direction” article, when we reach youngsters with the Gospel, we are reaching people with their whole life ahead of them.

Of course they will need teaching and encouragement beyond a week at camp each summer, or an hour each week at Bible club or Sunday school. What is really needed is a Bible-based church in every community, where children and their parents can be discipled.

So we in NCEM pray and work towards forming local churches that will be a spiritual home – not just a place for funerals, but a place where people of all ages worship, are taught God’s Word, encouraged in their faith, practice loving service for each other, and together reach out to a world that desperately needs Christ.


— R.H. (editor)