In this issue you’ll read more about “maple” and “guitars” than you were perhaps expecting in a missionary magazine. Of course you already know it’s about more than these. It’s about lives changed by Christ and, as you’ll notice in Richard Paul’s story, prayer had a significant role in him coming to faith.

Editor's Comment

“Dust wasn’t meant to settle … the best way to become one with the land? Get covered in it.”

That’s a caption from a tourism ad I noticed in a magazine recently. I thought, “Wow, they can even make dust sound exciting!”

As we report and tell our stories in Northern Lights and in our missionary prayer letters, we don’t want to be “sugar dusting” our experiences. We might not always mention them, but there are more than enough challenges in our work to have us on our knees. Life and ministry and relationships sometimes include “dust storms” and at times we may feel somewhat covered by them.

The Bible mentions both negative and positive things that “cover.” There were frogs, flies and hail in Egypt. We read about others covered by leprosy and sores, scorn and disgrace.

But Scripture also tells of God’s forgiveness for those who repent – that He covers our sin. We appreciate your continued prayers as we spread this Gospel message … maybe we can think of it as Good News coverage.

— R.H. (editor)