Milin Lau

(from issue #517)

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Milin LauIn the spring of 1987, as she was about to graduate from seminary, Milin Lau was going through a crisis of confusion. A godly professor helped her understand that she had a unique call to ministry that she would have to work out, but that she could do it confidently because he knew she was a “friend of God.”

About 36 years ago Milin accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in Montreal, where she had moved from Hong Kong for studies. From the start she had a desire to serve God in a layperson’s capacity: teaching Sunday school, coordinating college & career group activities, summer camp, etc.

“I thought it was good enough,” says Milin, “but deep down in my heart there were other things – like further education, friends, my parents – that kept me from giving myself totally to the Lord. I was so taken up with planning my future that I couldn’t hear what the Lord had to say.” But the Lord got her attention in 1982 when she was hit by a car while on her bicycle. “Severe pain, fear and depression were my companions,” says Milin of her month in hospital.

Isaiah 43:1-4 comforted her and helped her realize that her life had been spared for a purpose. She renewed her commitment to the Lord, but still hesitated to commit to full-time ministry. She still didn’t have a “call,” and worried about quitting her job, moving for ministry training, and wondering who would support her parents at home.

Through Scripture (Luke 9:59-60) the Holy Spirit helped her understand that her oldest brother could take care of her parents (none of them were believers at the time). She says the Lord also said to her, “There are lots of non-Christians who can do a better job than you – why don’t you do something which they’re not qualified to do, like proclaiming the Gospel?”

In 1984, as she was planning to move to Canadian Theological Seminary in Regina, Milin called home. Her mother told her to move home to Hong Kong. Then she received a letter from her brother, telling her to stay in Montreal. “I didn’t know what to do,” Milin recalls. “I just prayed.”

Then she remembered her mother’s own experience many years before. In a letter to her mom, Milin related it to her present situation, and her mom surprisingly responded positively! Milin’s father normally wouldn’t interfere with his children’s decisions, but he and Milin’s siblings didn’t understand her desire for ministry. However, before long her father also gave her freedom to choose.

During Milin’s three years in seminary she met many missionaries and listened to their stories. NCEM representatives visited the campus, and she chose to go north for a summer – her first experience with Canada’s First Nations. She returned to Regina, getting involved in outreach work. Then a retired missionary couple encouraged her to join NCEM, believing that the Lord could use her in the Tribal Trails television ministry. Milin serves as a program planner, and especially enjoys opportunities to meet program guests in person.

(from issue #517) Note: some of the locations and involvements of our missionaries may have changed since the original publishing of this article.