Frank & Lori Ward

(from Issue #501)

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Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute at Lac La Biche (AB) has played a big part in the life of Frank and Lori Ward. It’s where God has called them to serve. It’s also where they first met, and where they established their first home as a married couple.

Frank & Lori WardRaised in Loon Lake, northern Alberta, Frank was introduced to KBI through his older sister who attended before him. Frank says his best memories of his student years were the classes, especially preaching class. God used those hours in the classroom to put a desire in his heart to preach and teach His Word.

After graduating Frank joined NCEM in 2002, and served in a couple short-term assignments in northern Saskatchewan and northern Manitoba, filling in for missionaries. That was followed by mentoring/ministry with Cree pastor Bill (and Shirley) Jackson in Kikino, Alberta, not far from Lac La Biche.

Frank joined Key-Way-Tin staff in 2004 as a single man, but he’d already got to know Lori Hildebrandt. He first met her while he was a KBI student, when she’d brought a group of teenagers to the School’s “NorthQuest” youth retreat.

For several years Frank spent part of his summer serving at NCEM’s Big River (SK) Bible Camp, where Lori was serving full-time. They became friends there and, when Frank joined the Mission, there were more occasions to see each other.

In 2003/04 Lori took a year’s leave from NCEM to serve in East Africa and, upon returning, began serving as receptionist/secretary in the KBI office.

Working with camper registration at Big River Bible Camp, she’d gained office experience, but it was important to her to also have everyday personal ministry with people. She says she found both in her work at Key-Way-Tin. An extra highlight was continuing to have a part in the life of a young lady whom she’d discipled at Big River and who’d come to KBI to study.

And Frank and Lori didn’t seem to mind having each other as fellow staff members! There were married in April 2005.

Though busy caring for their children, and less involved in the office, Lori says she also enjoys spending time with the students, especially getting to know the girls on a personal level. She’s encouraged as she sees the growth in their lives over the period of a school year … seeing how the Lord changes them, even as they’re going through hard times.

Frank agrees that seeing students grow in their relationship with the Lord is rewarding. He says that, in fact, is his goal as a KBI teacher.

(from Issue #501)