Bobby & Veronica Moberly

(from Issue #509)

introducing our missionaries...

KBI’s Dean of Men, Bobby Moberly, encourages young First Nations fellows to keep walking with God and serving Him. He doesn’t tell them that it will always be easy — he knows otherwise.

Bobby & Veronica MoberlyGrowing up in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan, separated from most of his brothers and sisters, Bobby was raised by his aunt who he called “Mom.” He came to know the Lord at NCEM’s Pine Ridge Bible Camp when he was 15, and rededicated his life at age 19. Missionaries in the area, and his brother, who reminded Bobby of things he’d also learned from the missionaries, were all part of Bobby’s introduction to the Savior.

Testing of his faith came soon. Bobby shared this part of his testimony with Northern Lights readers several years ago: “I was out fire-fighting with some nonChristian men. They put me through testing for 18 days. They asked me many questions about God and the Bible. I gave them the answers to their questions, but that made them mad. They began to physically hurt me. The worst part was when they tied me to a tree and asked me to say something against my faith — but I did not. They said they would burn me with hot coals. They opened my shirt and brought the shovel closer. I stood there praying and told the Lord, ‘I know it will hurt, but I will not give up.’ Just then our foreman screamed out, and they stopped.”

Bobby thanks God for His care for him. “I grew through all that I went through,” he says. Bobby heard about KBI while at Bible camp. He saw young people quoting Scripture and wondered how he, too, could do that. Camp staff recommended attending Key-Way-Tin.

He graduated in 1989 and returned to Buffalo Narrows, assisting in ministry there, using his Denesuline language skills in Scripture and JESUS Movie translation, and outreach trips to northern communities. In 1995 he officially joined NCEM as an associate missionary.

Veronica grew up at Quilchena, near Merritt, BC. She was saved as a youngster, not long after her parents found the Lord. She earned a diploma in Fine Arts, then attended KBI, graduating in 2001. She had met Bobby in Buffalo Narrows previously while on tour with a KBI music team, and they were married in the fall of 2001.

While living in Buffalo, they decided to move back to KBI to “refresh” themselves through some Bible courses. At the end of that year they were asked to join the KBI staff, and they’re now in their fourth year. Besides being Dean of Men, Bobby assists with campus maintenance, and corresponds with alumni. Veronica is Assistant Dean of Ladies, manages the School’s “free store,” and decorates for special KBI events. They enjoy watching the changes in the students’ lives as they grow spiritually.

(from Issue #509) Note: some of the locations and involvements of our missionaries may have changed since the original publishing of this article.