Technical Administrative Support

It’s office and building maintenance work — not the stuff missionary biographies are made of. The truth is this work, and the people to do it, are vital.

“Headquarters” has sort of a military sound to it, but this isn’t where you’ll find generals barking out orders. It’s more a place where you’ll find people serving their fellow missionaries in many ways.

NCEM Tech SupportOur church planting missionaries can only commit themselves because supportive churches and friends designate gifts for their living and ministry costs. These funds are passed on to the worker once a month … and there’s much involved in this process!

Each donation (whether by mail or electronic transfer) must be acknowledged and receipted. It’s day-in day-out work, and it’s for the Lord. There’s no guaranteed salary for our technical/administrative office support staff — these are “faith” missionaries just like everyone else in NCEM.

Computers have greatly enhanced the work done at HQ, but they are very complicated machines. We’re thankful that God has sent workers who understand them. Computers are used for finances, language translation, video and literature production, e-mail, Internet, inventory, postal services, and more.

While field missionaries invest their lives in their First Nations neighbors, you’ll find HQ administrative staff investing more so in their fellow NCEMers. Besides finances, they tend to government regulations, insurance, property management, and numerous other matters. There’s also the hosting of visitors to Headquarters.

Also, we greatly appreciate the volunteers who come to help with labour intensive jobs such as publications mailings and construction projects.

Beyond Headquarters

It’s not just at NCEM’s Headquarters in Prince Albert that our technical/administrative support workers serve. We also need these behind-the-scenes people in building and vehicle maintenance, cooking, and more.

Staff Needs

Current staff needs in these areas include:

  • Printshop pre-press/bindery worker
  • Video program planning & production