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We’re an interdenominational ministry seeking to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ among and in partnership with the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada.

Our Vision: by faith to establish strong indigenous multiplying churches.

We hope our web site helps give you a glimpse of who we are and what we do. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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FirstStory Ministries is a new church multiplying action plan we’re excited about! It’s a ministry of Ethnos Canada working in cooperation with NCEM. Click the above link and find out more!


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Time to Honour

GWAs our friend’s last days of work were completed, no one celebrated all the years of service given,” writes missionary Ruth Anna Dana.

“Sadly, honouring the older members happens less, and people are not taking time for listening to them speak wisdom.”

In another of our news stories, missionary Arlyn VanEnns honours the memory of his friend George Wanderingspirit (pictured here) and writes: “George and Mary were the first believers baptized in the entire history of their district.”

Read these stories and more in our latest Northern Lights magazine online.

also in this issue

Art Acton was not likely to meet anyone he could call his elder, at least not age-wise.

NCEM News & Notes for Praise & Prayer

On Tribal Trails in January



John Greyeyes shares stories from his life and ministries to inspire Christians to be “soldiers in God’s army.”

David Dunn teaches how Christ has torn down the walls of hostility between people groups. Ronald Freeman gives examples of this from his own life, then he and Glenn West tell how they have learned to help and appreciate each other in spite of their differences.

Billy Tallas tells of growing up in an alcoholic family, giving his heart to the Lord at an early age but, without support, gave into a self-centered rebellious life of skateboarding and girls. The Lord got his attention through a skateboarding injury, and he now uses his talents to share his faith in Jesus Christ with people who never would enter a church.

Laura Bekkatla gave her life to the Lord when she was 12, but didn’t walk with God. Following university, she took a teaching position on Gilbert’s home Reserve, and they married a year later. The Lord started to deal with them when their first child came down with spinal meningitis.

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